Elements The Restaurant

First off, I have to start this post by letting everyone know that this wasn’t my first visit to Elements. About 6 months ago I went to try the clubhouse, and I got denied because it “wasn’t offered before 3.“ This didn’t sit well with me since lunchtime is the ideal time for a club. Now, 6 months later, it’s time to finally get a crack at their club.

Elements is on the street-level of the Richardson College building at the University of Winnipeg. This fancy new building serves as home for the sciences and suitability wing of the university. The restaurant is partnered with the Diversity Food Services initiative, which aims at providing local food that meets sustainability goals while also meeting employment opportunity goals. If you are interested in the finer details – go read about it HERE.

The building is very modern, sleek, and spaceship-ish. Huge windows look out on to Portage and for one tiny millisecond you have a ‘big-lights big-city’ feeling. I must say, it felt quite nice sitting in there enjoying the LEDs.

Now that I’ve babbled enough about the place, let’s dig into the food and see if this baby has been worth the wait. The club, unfortunately, was pretty bland. You have your choice of focaccia bun, rye or harvest grain bread, and the fixins are standard. They use roasted turkey shaved super thin and stacked, but for me, this sandwich didn’t stack high on the club-rating scale. Taste was lacking and price was pricey as my whole meal came out to around $30. One thing this club has going for it is has a very clean and healthy feel.

Another downside was that I ordered a soup, and when the club was ready the waitress brought it out and said they are out of soup. It took another 6 minutes to get the potatoes and by that time the club was cold!

Elements is a nice restaurant, and I appreciate what they do; unfortunately the club very average. I’m sure I’ll be back though.

Price: $12.50

Rating: 5/10

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3 thoughts on “Elements The Restaurant

  1. Club looks decent, but it looks lonely on that plate. They gotta be on top of whats going on with their sides.

    Thanks for the post. #biglightsbigcity

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