Johnny’s on Marion, fine family dining says the sign…well, let’s find out if it lives up to the hype. I wound up at Johnny’s on a whim as a friend’s dad recommended it claiming it used to serve one of the best breakfasts around. Of course we weren’t there for the breaky, but we pulled up to this fine dining establishment and were welcomed with vomit in the parking lot, how lovely. Quickly disregarding that we stepped inside the restaurant, and I gotta say this place is pretty bizarre. It has a real homey feel to it – which I’m not sure if in this case works in their favor.

We walked by the counter and grabbed a table in the big open room. The first thing I noticed was a big fish tank BOOM right beside our table – very classy. Anyways, the place has that diner feel so I’m not really expecting class – but I’m not really expecting fish tanks either.

The thing is, it’s places like this that usually have the best clubs, and boy was I ready to chow down. When I grabbed the menu I noticed that under the classic clubhouse header there were 3 different versions: turkey, beef, and grilled chicken. A club with beef? I’ll pass; I went for the grilled chicken. I was excited for this one, and to be honest, was quite let down. It was a nice big triple-decker, but the shredded lettuce, bread, mayo, and chicken were all very underwhelming. The chicken tasted like it had been marinating in butter. I think where I went wrong was not going for the traditional turkey.  If I ever make it back, that’s the route ill take.

So, as I continue my search for Winnipeg’s best clubhouse sandwich, I will have to scratch Johnny’s club off the list.

Price:   11.95 turkey

12.45 beef

12.95 grilled chicken

Rating: 4/10

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4 thoughts on “Johnny’s

  1. “I’m not really expecting class – but I’m not really expecting fish tanks either.” – Gold, Terry. Gold. Better luck next time, Johnny’s.

  2. The first and last time I was there, we were looking for a place to have breakfast. Our regular spot ( The Paladin ) had been destroyed by fire. Someone from our Breakfast Club suggested Johnny’s. The food was ordinary and the service good. We were comparing it to what we had been used to from The Paladin, so most of us were disappointed. Then it was time for the Bill, and my turn to pay. I presented the cashier my MasterCard, “sorry sir we do not accept MasterCard” was the response I got. Next came my Visa to which I recieved a similar reply. Finally I brought out my Debit card, “sorry sir we only accept cash”. At that point I asked the cashier what happens if I have no cash? ” Well sir you can use the ATM , to get money.” At this time someone from our group took the Bill and paid it. I left the restuarant embarassed because one of my guests had to cover the Tab. In my mind if you are in a service industry you should accommodate your patrons and not limit their choices when paying. The Paladin ( we really miss you) as well as the other neighbouring restaurants were and are happy to accept cash, debit, and credit cards in form of payment. When you limit your customers to services, your customer base becomes limited. I nor my friends have since been back. P.S. Salisbury House accepts my choice of payment.

    • Hey Tom, thanks for stoppin by! It’s nice to see some new faces around here. The Paladin was a classic spot – I remember going there back in the day. May I make a suggestions to check out the Marion Street Eater that just opened up last week in the Marion Hotel. The food was so-so on my visit, but the renovations they have gone through are great!

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