Country Porch

When a friend told me there was a restaurant just outside the city with a huge sign that says “best clubhouse,” there was only one thing to do. It was only a matter of time before I made my way out there to put it to the test. I didn’t know the name of the restaurant or where exactly it was, I just knew it was out McPhillips Street past the perimeter. I hopped in the car and drove and drove; well it wasn’t that far, it’s only 2 km outside of the city – but I drove until I saw a big sign claiming they had the best clubhouse sandwich. Once I spotted the sign I took a hard left into the parking lot and voila – I was at Country Porch.

The name of this restaurant speaks for itself. Country Porch did a good job of making me feel far away from the city even though I was only 2 km out of it. It reminded me of the kind of place that you frequent for a bite to eat and an ice cream when you are at the lake. The menu is written in chalk above the counter, but there are also paper menus on the table in case you prefer to sit and decide. When you are ready to order you can get up off your patio chair, go up to the counter, and tell em what you’re feendin for.

Now that’s enough about the patio furniture, let’s dissect the club to see if the sign is lives up to its claim! Country Porch’s club is offered with 3 pieces of bread (white,rye, brown,) or 2 pieces if you decide to go with the thick harvest rye. Even though I’m a 3-piece guy, I went for the 2-piece harvest rye and didn’t turn back.

But here is the biggest twist to the clubhouse; it has both chicken AND turkey. Wow, I didn’t see that coming! This is the only club in my history of clubbing that has done this. The chicken was a grilled piece, and the turkey was processed. Although it was unique, the club was uber salty and just average.

I enjoyed my time at Country Porch as it was a nice break from city life. The atmosphere was relaxing and made me feel at the lake when I was only 4 mins outta the city! But for the moment of truth… is the sign justified!? Absolutely not, stop in for an ice cream cone instead of the club. That said, if you are jonsin’ for a club, it will do the trick.

Until next time,

Rating: 6/10

Price: $9.29 just the sandwich

$11.29 platter

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Johnny’s on Marion, fine family dining says the sign…well, let’s find out if it lives up to the hype. I wound up at Johnny’s on a whim as a friend’s dad recommended it claiming it used to serve one of the best breakfasts around. Of course we weren’t there for the breaky, but we pulled up to this fine dining establishment and were welcomed with vomit in the parking lot, how lovely. Quickly disregarding that we stepped inside the restaurant, and I gotta say this place is pretty bizarre. It has a real homey feel to it – which I’m not sure if in this case works in their favor.

We walked by the counter and grabbed a table in the big open room. The first thing I noticed was a big fish tank BOOM right beside our table – very classy. Anyways, the place has that diner feel so I’m not really expecting class – but I’m not really expecting fish tanks either.

The thing is, it’s places like this that usually have the best clubs, and boy was I ready to chow down. When I grabbed the menu I noticed that under the classic clubhouse header there were 3 different versions: turkey, beef, and grilled chicken. A club with beef? I’ll pass; I went for the grilled chicken. I was excited for this one, and to be honest, was quite let down. It was a nice big triple-decker, but the shredded lettuce, bread, mayo, and chicken were all very underwhelming. The chicken tasted like it had been marinating in butter. I think where I went wrong was not going for the traditional turkey.  If I ever make it back, that’s the route ill take.

So, as I continue my search for Winnipeg’s best clubhouse sandwich, I will have to scratch Johnny’s club off the list.

Price:   11.95 turkey

12.45 beef

12.95 grilled chicken

Rating: 4/10

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