Pete’s Place

I’m sure if you live out Main Street you know Pete’s Place. Well, for the rest of us, I have come across one mighty fine greasy spoon. Yea, it might look like a bomb shelter from the outside, but inside is where the magic happens. I am not too familiar with the North Main restaurant scene, but I bet Pete’s Place has been rivaling Kelekis for years. Huge plates of food, decent prices, and friendly service make Pete’s Place an instant hit.

I ended up at Pete’s Place on a whim when a few friends said lets meet there for lunch. I had no idea where or what it was, but was down for lunch. So I started driving down Main and eventually pulled into one of the worst parking lots in the history of parking lots. I highly urge you to park on a side street, because once you go in, you won’t get out. Once you are in the restaurant, the parking will be worth it, and don’t let the lack of windows scare you off either!

Pete’s Place’s menu has tons of variety, but I highly recommend the clubhouse sandwich. To be honest, I have had a few stinkers recently, so the Pete’s Place club was a pleasure to eat. Don’t be fooled because there is a clubhouse wrap and sandwich, but they are on different sides of the menu, so keep a look out for that. But anyways, this classic beauty was traditional and tasty. It had real meat, crunchy bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. And lately I have realized that I am all for the triple-decker, just like how a club should be made – three stories and loaded with goodness. Not to mention on-top of this excellent club you get a huge plate of fries and a side of slaw, all for $10-some (I lost the exact price.)

Pete’s Place is one of those home-cookin type of restaurants. You know the ones I’m talkin about, not much to look at from the outside, but good on the inside. And I have just stumbled upon one of the best clubz I’ve had in a while.

Check out Pete’s place if ur goin clubbin!

Price: $10.some

Rating: 8.5/10

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Elephant & Castle

In the main floor of the Delta Hotel sits the Elephant & Castle, an English style pub that has 17 locations spread out over North America. I didn’t know that they had a restaurant in San Fran! Since this restaurant is connected to the Convention Centre and the tunnels that weave through downtown Winnipeg, it is a decent place to grab lunch or a drink after work. Inside is what you’d expect from an English pub, a lil brick here, a lil wood there, and food n’ beer everywhere!

I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet and get right down to the nitty-gritty. The E&C club has the same fate as a few clubs I’ve had recently due to the dreaded processed meat curse. Although I have seen processed meat stack fairly high in the club rating charts, the E&C club doesn’t meet the standards on the tasty-ness charts.

This double-decker club is stacked with the traditional fixins including some good produce and bacon, but the big fries and big pickle are the stars at this club. And it always makes me cringe when I see “add cheese for $1” on the menu – either put it in or don’t! Unfortunately, this club is just sub-par. I think the processed meat only work wells if it is in smaller doses and layered with other goodness. Also, there wasn’t really any sauce on this guy.

I gotta point out that the bathroom is farrrr away. You gotta leave the restaurant, go back into the main lobby of the hotel, then it is at this point where you will ask the front desk where the heck the bathroom is! But don’t fear – it’s only 2 minutes from the desk, around the corner and down a hall. There, now you made it to the bathroom you can enjoy the rest of your day.

Usually by the time I leave a restaurant I feel some kind of connection with the place, which later fuels my blog posts. It could be friendly service, great food, good atmosphere, or good jokes, but the Elephant & Castle didn’t strike any particular note with me. I have been there a handful of times now and I have an empty feeling with not much to say about the place. If ur downtown and want a quick drink or some food, try it out for yourself. Anywhoo, that’s it, enjoy the pics.

Ps. Elephant & Castle is on Pintrest, ok.

Price: $11.50

Rating: 4/10

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