Luda’s Deli

I have never been greeted by a friendlier staff than that of Luda’s Deli in the North End. The mother/daughter run diner greeted us with open arms (yes, my friend did have his arms around her at one point) and big smiles as we snagged a spot with just an hour before they were to close. Two weeks before this clubbin’ adventure I drove out to Luda’s only to find out they were closed, so I was overjoyed to make it this time. Its been a long time brewin to get my hands on one of Winnipeg’s top votes for best club in the city as per the Winnipeg Free Press reader’s votes.

Luda’s sits prolly 30 people, and it’s pretty tight in the restaurant that could be easily mistaken for a house. From the chairs to red plastic cups this place is a classic diner. If you are driving down Salter just look for the big painted butterflies on the side of the restaurant and you’ll find it. Luda’s is the perfect place to grab lunch, but is it the perfect place for a club? Let’s see.

The Luda’s club is large and in charge. They offer two versions on the menu, the triple-decker and the double-decker – both priced the same though, and both have all the classic fixins. One added thing that is not on your average club is mustard, and it was a nice addition. In fact, this is the first club I have ever had with mustard! Also, they offer melted swish cheese and a variety of bread choices all fresh from Gunn’s Bakery – rye, brown, white, and pumpernickel for your munchin pleasure.

The club was big, tasty, and cheap, but honestly I have to say I was pretty disappointed to see that the club had a mountain of processed meat in it. Actually, there was too much and it hurt the club in the long run. The owner of Luda’s says she shaves her meats fresh daily, but it’s still off a processed roll. If I am wrong someone please enlighten me, but this can’t possibly be called fresh turkey.

So the club has some good and some bad. Do I feel it is in the upper echelon of clubs in Winnipeg? Quite frankly I do not, but Luda’s is definitely a place you need to check out.

On a side note, many people have been vouching that Luda’s has the best ruben sandy around. I know, I shouldn’t be promoting a ruben on a clubhouse blog, but credit is due where credit is due. And although I didn’t get to witness the ruben in all of its glory, judging by my credible sources I can say with confidence that it is a thing of beauty.

Luda’s has been runnin’ strong for 27 years, but that doesn’t mean they have debit machines, so don’t forget cash. Also their parking lot has room for 5 cars and they are only open till 2.

Oh and one last shout out to Anders Homenick for taking the time from saving lives as a paramedic and comin clubbin and offering to shoot the photos for the blog. Unfortunately Anders blew it big time and none of the photos turned out. Thanks.

Rating: 6.6

Price: $6.95 – just the sammy

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A Club or Not a Club – The Great Debate Edition


A lobster club??? Does this tickle anyone’s fancy!? I got this photo sent to me from across the world, and it made me wonder what other kind of crazy clubs are out there. This one came from a gala in Taiwan, they had replaced the chicken with lobster and apparently it was DEE-lish. Obviously this is not your traditional club sandwich, but my philosophy has always been that if it says club/clubhouse sandwich on the menu, it’s fair game. The only other real ‘out-there’ kind of club I have heard of is Rudy’s confit duck club, which I have not had the pleasure of trying yet.

Does anyone know any other crazy clubs out there?? I think it might be time Winnipeg Clubs starts having some featured guest bloggers! Whaddaya think!?

Enjoy the lobster club as we take a mini-break and wait for the photos from our last clubbin’ adventure.

Tavern United

The Tavern United downtown has 3 things going for it:

1) Location – being right beside the MTS Centre makes this place the first stop before and after events held at the arena. Now with Winnipeg on the rise, the arena is poppin off more than ever. With the Jets, concerts, and now the UFC stopping in Winnipeg for the first time, downtown is seeing new life. And the Tavern United is right there to ease everyone in.

2) Screens – if you can’t get into the events at the arena, don’t worry. The TU has you covered with huge screens showing all sports, all the time. Every place you sit in this place has a TV up in your grill.

3) Rooftop patio – Winnipeg doesn’t have too many rooftop patios, but the Tavern United is one that is worth a mention. It is hands down the best rooftop patio in town, so if that is your thing… check it out.

Ok, now that we have highlighted the 3 good things about the Tavern United, let’s take a look at the other side of the coin.

1) The restaurant decor reminds me of a cheesy family restaurant in Orlando.

2) OK service

3) The patio is almost like a completely different place from the Tavern United. Different specials and no simple transitions back and forth make it awkward.

4) The Celtic Clubhouse as they like to call it is bad. The menu claims the club has garlic basil aioli, which perks my buds, but was not noticeable on the sandwich. It had grilled chicken, so that was nice and also some melted cheddar cheese, but for the price of $13.50 this club is not a hit. It is one of the most expensive and underwhelming clubs I have had. And my least favorite part about this club was that the bread must have been drenched in butter, because butter was all I could taste. EW.

To sum up, if you want a quick drank before and after the game, the Tavern United is for you. If you want a good clubhouse sandwich, please please please look elsewhere.

Rating: 2/10

Price: 13.50

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