So you know that feeling you get how sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name? And maybe how they’re always glad you came? Or how about
somewhere you want to be where you can see that our troubles are all the same. Well I’m gonna take a stab at it and say that you want to be where everybody knows your name, and that place my friends, is Cheers.

I can’t believe that after going to school downtown for two years I had never heard of this place. One of my friends – who let’s name Norm – stumbled upon it recently, while driving down Logan Avenue. Norm told me that he had a really good feeling about the restaurant. So, as part of my quest to find the best club in town, I put on my finest pair of trousers and decided to go clubbin’.

When Norm and I pulled up and looked at the place I knew what I was getting into. Just judging by the outside I could tell it was an old school ma n’ pa diner that has been there since who knows when. And that’s perfect, because these are usually the places that do it right – and Cheers was no let down. Even the typography of the logo made me wana pop in… well no, but…

Inside is exactly what I imagined, booths, construction workers, wood, and stacks of coffee cups. So we grabbed a spot and got comfy. Looking around I could of sworn 90% of the peeps chowin down were having clubs, so I knew something great was about to happen.

15 mins pass and the club hit the table. So what’s under the hood you ask? Well it was stacked with all your traditional fixins – real turkey, lettuce, tomato, cheese, crispy bacon, and three pieces of bread. It was very traditional, and very tasty. When I sunk my teeth greatness graced my taste buds.

If there were one other critique I would give, it would be the bread. If Cheers upgraded to a nice multi-grain – wow, look out.

This club is definitely one to beat. It’s big, real, cheap, and quick. For the price of $5.95, I think it is coming in as the cheapest club to date. It is almost sad how for two years I was a five-minute walk away from one of the best clubs in town. But for a club of this magnitude, I am very excited to have finally found this gem.

Cheers… good friends, good food, see ya tomorrow.

Price: $5.95 (just the sammy)

Rating: 8.7/10

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