Promenade Cafe and Wine

The Promenade Cafe and Wine has been on my hit list for quite some time now. Something about the location mixed with the signage always caught my attention, but for some reason I’ve never stopped to dine. We’ll the time has come, and now it’s my turn to put their club to the test.

First I’d like to point out that this little cafe is St. B is SUPER charming. In the spring of 2012 new ownership forced the Promenade Cafe to rebrand forging a French café/bistro fusion that sits just over the Provencher Bridge. Classic dark wood tables are accompanied by smooth lighting and sophisticated décor inside the restaurant. The second I walked in I knew the Promenade Cafe was something special.

The restaurant seats 90 while overlooking the Esplanade Riel, and although I dined in the afternoon, I bet the restaurant is as equally (or more) enchanting after the sun goes down. Now let’s see if they put as much effort into their food as they do their restaurant, and spoiler alert… they do.

Although I have some good and bad things to say about the club at the Promenade Cafe and Wine, I genuinely feel they put 110% into their clubhouse. From the presentation, down to the freshness of the produce, it was spot on. Not to mention it has real turkey and melted Bothwell cheese that caress this baby.

Now here is where things take a spin, I hate to say it but… the club tasted bland. I can’t even put my finger on why that is, but it just didn’t do it for me. I saw 10 other people order it when I was in there, and I hope it did it for them. But for me, nope! It had all the right ingredients but the taste factor came up short. That being said I’ll go back to the Promenade Cafe and Wine ASAP, but I’ll eat something else.

One nice thing about this place is that they pair a wine with each menu item so you don’t even have to think about what tastes good with what. And for the record, the clubhouse is paired with a chardonnay.

Oh and just a quick tip, I would try to avoid the parking lot. It is small, awkward, and a recipe for bumper bumps.

I also found this mini-ad on youtube if you wana see more of the restaurant before you hit it.

Price: $12.00

Rating: 6/10

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The past couple weeks have been pretty exciting over here at the Winnipeg Clubs HQs. So, I just wanted to touch base and catch everyone up with whats been goin down!
If anyone missed it, Winnipeg Clubs had a great feature article in the Winnipeg Free Press. After that, blog hits shot through the roof, and the motivation I got to keep the posts comin is at an all time high. Lots of peeps have asked me if I’m gonna keep the blog running after school ends, and the answer is….YUP. There are tons of restaurants here that I still haven’t hit, but slowly and surely it’s happening.

So, in case you missed the great article in the Free Press, here’s a quick snapshot of it. and then you can read the full article HERE!


And just yesterday, a follow up article was in the paper. Around 200 people emailed the Free Press sayin where they thought the best club in the city is. Here is what the people said: Nicks Inn, Luda’s, The Eye Opener, Underground Cafe, and with the most votes Rae & Jerry’s. WHAT!? R&J’s!? that place doesn’t even crack my top 30. Ah well, I guess that means you can look forward to reviews of Luda’s and the Eye Opener in the next month!

To sum up:
Dave Sanderson wrote an amazing article on Winnipeg Clubs
Rae & Jerry’s takes Winnipeg voters top spot
Degree’s Diner takes my top spot
my mom’s clubhouse sandy is deece -7/10

So id just like to say thanks for stoppin, and thanks for club hoppin. Next up I got some nice fan mail I would like to share – just tryin to find out how to get it on the blog. Stay tuned!


So you know that feeling you get how sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name? And maybe how they’re always glad you came? Or how about
somewhere you want to be where you can see that our troubles are all the same. Well I’m gonna take a stab at it and say that you want to be where everybody knows your name, and that place my friends, is Cheers.

I can’t believe that after going to school downtown for two years I had never heard of this place. One of my friends – who let’s name Norm – stumbled upon it recently, while driving down Logan Avenue. Norm told me that he had a really good feeling about the restaurant. So, as part of my quest to find the best club in town, I put on my finest pair of trousers and decided to go clubbin’.

When Norm and I pulled up and looked at the place I knew what I was getting into. Just judging by the outside I could tell it was an old school ma n’ pa diner that has been there since who knows when. And that’s perfect, because these are usually the places that do it right – and Cheers was no let down. Even the typography of the logo made me wana pop in… well no, but…

Inside is exactly what I imagined, booths, construction workers, wood, and stacks of coffee cups. So we grabbed a spot and got comfy. Looking around I could of sworn 90% of the peeps chowin down were having clubs, so I knew something great was about to happen.

15 mins pass and the club hit the table. So what’s under the hood you ask? Well it was stacked with all your traditional fixins – real turkey, lettuce, tomato, cheese, crispy bacon, and three pieces of bread. It was very traditional, and very tasty. When I sunk my teeth greatness graced my taste buds.

If there were one other critique I would give, it would be the bread. If Cheers upgraded to a nice multi-grain – wow, look out.

This club is definitely one to beat. It’s big, real, cheap, and quick. For the price of $5.95, I think it is coming in as the cheapest club to date. It is almost sad how for two years I was a five-minute walk away from one of the best clubs in town. But for a club of this magnitude, I am very excited to have finally found this gem.

Cheers… good friends, good food, see ya tomorrow.

Price: $5.95 (just the sammy)

Rating: 8.7/10

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