Ladies and gentlemen, I am about to share with you a big moment for Winnipeg clubhouse sandwich culture. Ever since the Wagon Wheel closed its doors last July, many Winnipeggers feel there is something missing in the downtown area. The Wagon Wheel was home to what many consider the pinnacle of clubhouse sandwiches in the city. Well, after nine months I am happy to announce that it is official, the second coming of the Wagon Wheel club has landed. And it is at none other than the newly renovated Metropolitan Entertainment Centre.

In 1919, the Allen Theatre opened its doors and became the hub for cinema in downtown Winnipeg. After operating for almost 70 years the theatre was forced closed down. With the building still intact, Canad Inns took over and renovated this beautiful building into what is now the MET – and all I can say is WOW, this venue is fannncy! Just step inside one day and check it out – it’s worth it. Canada Inns has done a great job bringing this building back to life. And get this, on Jets game days, the MET shows the game on the big screen in the theatre!

Now that we’ve got the history lesson over with, let’s dive into the goods – and this is where things get interesting. This club looks identical to the Wagon Wheel club. When it got to the table I was shocked, because it was like seeing the Wagon Wheel club’s long lost identical twin. From the size and shape, all the way to the pickle this is the club we all know. The MET even makes their own pickles and roast fresh turkeys for the sandwiches, nice! The only thing they didn’t mimic from the Wagon Wheel was those terrible McCain frozen fries.

Honestly, I never found the Wagon Wheel’s club to be the club of all clubs, and half of it always ended up on the floor. But it was tasty, and I respect that. Now let me say that the MET club is legit. Fresh produce, turkey, bacon, and the right amount of mayo make it a hit. Is it going to save downtown clubbin culture? Well, who’s to say, but is it a nice addition? Absolutely.

Price: $14.00

Rating: 7.3/10


Hi everyone, just wanted to do a quick update about The MET and it’s club. You see, I recently revisited the restaurant and well… the news might shock you. My first visit to The MET was excellent, great service, good food etc..etc.. But this time, something was off. First, The service wasn’t up to par, and I don’t think our waitress smiled once. On top of that, the clubhouse sandwich was completely different from my first visit. Now this is what gets me; I have attached a follow up photo below so you can see what I’m talkin about, but I was kind of saddened by this. This was no long lost identical twin of the Wagon Wheel at all. No unhinging of jaws required for this one, just a plain ol’ club. Now don’t get me wrong, the club was tasty and all, but it was not the juggernaut I first encountered. There is also some debate if the turkey is real from roasted turkeys that they claim is a daily process. Well, who knows, all I know is that points on the club rating scale must be reevaluated according.

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King’s Head Pub & Eatery

Could it be that I have found the most haunted club in Winnipeg? Well, that just may be the case according to Winnipeg’s Ghost Walk, which tours the downtown area pointing out the most haunted buildings in the ‘Peg.

I’ve never really thought about it, but the King’s Head Pub & Eatery is kind of a spooky place. The old stone building just sits there staring over Old Market Square, and word on the street has it that the building used to be a textile company in the 1890s with a newspaper HQ on the top floor. Now that sounds creepy enough, but back in the day the owners claimed dishes would go missing, cutlery would randomly clank, and faucets would unexpectedly flow.

Ok well, you can believe what you want and I hope I haven’t scared you off, because the King’s Head is a pretty cool place. Three floors of drinking, dining, and dancing pack this place every weekend. The atmosphere is laid back and it always seems to draw a good crowd. And the food you ask? So greasy it will have you seeing ghosts by the end of your meal. They even offer a curry buffet, which always seems to be a hit.

Now let’s move on to the most haunted club in the ‘Peg. Well first off I’d like to point out that the King’s Head gets the nod for ugliest clubhouse. The club didn’t seem fresh and was for sure unhealthy as hell, but that is what I expect with pub food. But besides being almost as flat as a pancake, it tasted pretty damn good. For $10.95 it is a tad pricey after tax and tip but you get the sammy and a side of fries.

Although I just ripped the club pretty hard, I’d like to point out that it was fairly delicious. It is definitely not the traditional clubhouse sandwich that lots of people are looking for, but it’s worth a try.

Do I believe in ghosts? No. Will the spooky stories keep me away from the King’s Head? No. Is this the most haunted clubhouse sandwich in Winnipeg? Yes.

Price: $10.95

Rating: 6.8/10

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