Culinary Exchange

So, the new Red River College culinary arts building opened a couple weeks ago in the Exchange District, and all I can say is wow. The Paterson GlobalFoods Institute (PGI) campus is the final product of a 35 million dollar facelift to the Union Bank Tower. Now if this building doesn’t make you want to sign up for culinary arts- I don’t know what will. Just take a quick look at the video on the WFP website. The site holds 300 students in the hospitality and culinary arts sector.

The campus is beautiful, and that’s the bottom line. There is even residence offered in the building. This campus is a major win-win scenario. It is good for the program, and it is good for Winnipeg transforming another abandoned historic site into a state of the art facility.

Ok, now enough yapping- let’s get to the goods–the food. PGI has two places to eat- Jane’s and the Culinary Exchange. I wasn’t even hungry, but when I saw ‘clubhouse’ on the TV-screen-menu, I had to do what I had to do. One student was trying to strike a deal with me to get the pasta of the day, but I wasn’t havin it.

I ordered the club, and a milkshake. It is pretty cool how you can watch the students make the food right in front of you. The club came out looking mighty fresh, but after the first few bites I wasn’t too impressed. The thing is, I can’t even pin-point what I didn’t like about it. The chicken was real, grilled, and good- but beyond that, nothing stood out. There was a bunch of shaved ham in there, that I could of lived without. Also, bacon was nowhere to be found! Now that just can’t happen, as it is one of the most important aspects of a club!

The unsung hero of the day was the milk shake. Oh, I didn’t mention what kind I had? Oh, well it was PEANUT BUTTER AND JAM. That’s right, and let me tell ya, it was phenomenal! Topped with a chocolate covered cherry and some whipped cream, for $3.75 you can’t go wrong. Go check out the Culinary Exchange for this alone.

*UPDATE* Word on the street has it that milkshakes have been taken off the menu… call before you go!

On another side note – there was a salmon wrap that was real tasty, so if you are into that – try it. You can taste the grill on the wrap, and it was delightful.

Although I wasn’t sold on the club, the staff was great, the head chef was all smiles, and there is enough promise to go back soon.

Price: $10 for club and side of fries

Rating: 6/10

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