L’Arche Tova Cafe

I am gonna take a guess and say that not many people have heard of L’Arche Tova Cafe. It is probably the only restaurant with 0 reviews on Urban Spoon. But this should change because LTC is one of the more interesting restaurants in Winnipeg. It is more than just a restaurant, and if you skim the menu you can see why. The back page shows a list of sponsors/funders of the cafe, and this made me wonder what LTC actually does – so I set out clubbin.

Buried in the depths of Transcona sits this charming cafe. To get there, keep driving down Regent Ave. until you come to a strip that makes you feel like you are in St. Boniface – then you’ll see it. Once you get inside and flip the menu over you will notice some serious sponsorships. The Winnipeg Foundation, United Way, L’Arche Canada – just to name a few – but why!? LTC is classified as a non-profit; the restaurant is funded, and in turn the cafe funds houses that take care of people with disabilities. The cafe also gives employment and volunteer opportunities to people with disabilities.

Ok, so now let’s see if the clubhouse is as nice as the people who run the cafe. The L’Arch Double-Decker which was right in the middle of the menu was staring me in the face the second I walked in the door. And when it got to the table it looked mighty tasty. Accompanied with an amazing caesar salad, the club didn’t disappoint! Real chicken, crispy bacon, fresh produce, and a nice amount of mayo made for a good sando. One thing that was weird with this club was that only one side of the bread was toasted – maybe their toaster was broken…

L’Arche Tova Cafe is gettin two thumbs up from this guy. It’s a little far away, but worth the visit. Good atmosphere, good food, good people, good cause.

Rating: 7/10

Price: $8.99 – club only


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