The Don Restaurant

For some reason I always hear peeps talking about The Don. It always seemed like a nice place and I’ve always had the urge to check it out. Well, I finally got the chance to fulfill that dream and let me tell you, It was a bust.

Nuzzled in the corner of Broadway and Donald sits The Don – your typical greasy spoon breakfast joint. The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in is the revolting decor. The bright yellow walls, weird 2 person booths, and number plaques beside the tables didn’t really get me in the mood for clubbin.

The menu seemed to have ‘something for everyone,’ from cereal to a seafood omelet to crack and hash – whatever that is. They also offer 2 different clubhouse sandos, which makes me think I blew it by choosing the clubhouse over the grilled turkey club.

When this triple decker club came out the first thing I noticed was the processed meat and a miniscule amount of lettuce and bacon. This is a club I could make at home, and that is not what I’m looking for on this journey. One thing that really blew my mind was you could add cheese for an extra $1.25. Really!?

All in all this club and The Don is forgettable. I really had high expectations for this place, and it unfortunately didn’t live up to the hype. Maybe I just had the wrong meal and shoulda stuck to a classic breaky.

I think one day I’ll go back and try the grilled turkey club. But until then, The Don needs a serious facelift. If you are interested in checking this place out, just know that they are only open till 3:30 p.m.!

Price: $9.95 for the sammy and a side

Rating: 3/10

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One thought on “The Don Restaurant

  1. I’ve never had the clubhouse at The Don, only breakfast. They make gloms to have with your regular eggs and toast, which are fried cottage cheese patties (they are so delicious).

    However I haven’t been there in a while, and fruit flies in winter creeps me out.

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