White Rock Cafe

Here’s a little gem of a diner out in the depths of Elmwood. White Rock Cafe is a tiny family  run restaurant a minute away from Gateway Sportsplex. The place only seats around 50, so get there early on the weekend. The boss man is an interesting fellow from the UK, and let me tell ya, he whips up decent club! And not to mention his accent makes it feel like you’re dining in the British countryside.

White Rock is reasonably priced with most meals under 10 bones, and the food has a real home-cooked-meal vibe.

The one thing that surprised me was there was real turkey and real ham in the club! This really worked in their favour! It also has bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Just a classic club here, with great taste and low price. The club was only $5.95! That’s a steal for a club of this calibre. Other sandwiches ranged from $4.50 and under. Their fries are home cut potatoes that are pretty deece too.

The one downside I experienced with my time at the White Rock Cafe is that the booths are terrible. I have never had a worse seat in my life. Even when I was scrunched between ten people on an overnight train in China, I was more comfortable than in these booths.  So if you go, just make sure to grab a spot with a chairs. There are a few on the south side of the restaurant!

Also they don’t have soup on the weekend, so take note of that before you plan your trip.

But friendly service and good food make White Rock Cafe worth checking out.

Price: $5.95 for just the sandy

Rating: 7/10

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