Danny’s All Day Breakfast & Brunch

If there is one place I enjoy hanging around on the weekends it’s the Forks. And although I don’t go there to often, it is always a treat since there is something fun always going on. But then again, few mini donuts and a bench can go a long way in my mind.

Anyways, we all know why were here, so lets get to it! On the south side food court there is a stand called Danny’s All Day Breakfast & Brunch. I always knew this place delivered one hell of a breakfast, but for some reason it wasn’t until the other day that i tried their club.

Now to prep for the Danny’s club I had to do my homework. So, I went to see if they offered a club. Sure enough, they did, so I told the lovely owners I’d be coming back to try it. The very next day is when the Danny’s club was put to the test.

I really thought this club could swing either way. It had the potential to be great, or it could just as easily bomb. But let me tell ya, Danny’s All Day club is great! There are two versions  to chose from. the standard clubhouse, or the deluxe. Actually, the only thing different is that the deluxe comes with cheese and hash browns or slaw.

The club itself is pretty simple. Three pieces of bread, lots of tomato and lettuce, bacon, mayo, and real turkey! They do kind of skimp on the turkey, but you get enough. At any other restaurant you would be paying at least 13 bucks for this club, but Danny’s almost slashes that in half! For $6.85, you can’t go wrong.

Next time you are down at the Forks go check it out. You won’t be disappointed!

Price: $6.85 for the deluxe

Rating: 7.5/10


Danny's All Day Breakfast & Brunch inside The Forks Market on Urbanspoon


One thought on “Danny’s All Day Breakfast & Brunch

  1. That’s a great deal. And I will agree on you with this one sir, The Forks is a nice place to hang. I place I would like you to review is the Fox & Fiddle Fine Pub Fare. It just opened and I’m dying to check it out.

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