Subway is one of my favorite fast food joints around. The options are great, price is right, and the smell you carry for the rest of the day is priceless. Since we all know Subway, I am gonna jump right into their club.

To call Subway’s club a club, is very misleading. Sorry Subway, but three processed meats does not make a good clubhouse sandwich. Processed turkey, ham, and roast beef are what you get. Well I don’t even want roast beef or ham in my club. Luckily, Subway offers lots of veggies, sauces, and cheeses to make up for it.

But really, how hard is it for Subway to make a proper club? They already have the chicken and bacon, but they don’t use them in their club!? Maybe they should rename the Subway Club to Subway Processed Crap. Stick to your go-to sub and stay clear of the club.

Rating: 3/10

Price: $5.75 for a six inch.

Subway on Urbanspoon


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