Fox & Fiddle

It’s always exciting when a new restaurant pops up in the Peg’, and the Fox & Fiddle makes no exception. This new franchise has locations all over Canada. Most locations are in the GTA, and we are the first in the prairies. It is an Earls or Joey kinda place – ladies and all.  I dunno why but i like this place more than Joey or Earls. I think it might have something to do with the location. It’s right on Main Street, and I think the building might be an old bank. Anyways, it looks cool, and has a nice vibe inside.

I really thought the Fox Chicken Club could go either way. But when I sunk my teeth into it, I was quite delighted! On paper, it seems fairly basic. It’s just a normal club, but it tastes great. Its got tender chicken thats not processed (but not real!?), bacon, triple bread, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. It also comes with fries, that are more like wedges, and they are also tasty!

One interesting fact I need to touch on, is that their napkin quality is impeccable. I didn’t know they made napkins that thick, well done F&F. But if you need to go to the bathroom, get ready for a long jaunt. You gotta go into the basement and walk some halls, but if ya gotta go, you gotta go.

I recommend checking out F&F. Yeah it’s just like a few other places around, but it’s new and in a beautiful building.

In my opinion, the food at all these chains is pretty deece.

Price: &11.99 + tax

Rating: 6.5/10

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Danny’s All Day Breakfast & Brunch

If there is one place I enjoy hanging around on the weekends it’s the Forks. And although I don’t go there to often, it is always a treat since there is something fun always going on. But then again, few mini donuts and a bench can go a long way in my mind.

Anyways, we all know why were here, so lets get to it! On the south side food court there is a stand called Danny’s All Day Breakfast & Brunch. I always knew this place delivered one hell of a breakfast, but for some reason it wasn’t until the other day that i tried their club.

Now to prep for the Danny’s club I had to do my homework. So, I went to see if they offered a club. Sure enough, they did, so I told the lovely owners I’d be coming back to try it. The very next day is when the Danny’s club was put to the test.

I really thought this club could swing either way. It had the potential to be great, or it could just as easily bomb. But let me tell ya, Danny’s All Day club is great! There are two versions  to chose from. the standard clubhouse, or the deluxe. Actually, the only thing different is that the deluxe comes with cheese and hash browns or slaw.

The club itself is pretty simple. Three pieces of bread, lots of tomato and lettuce, bacon, mayo, and real turkey! They do kind of skimp on the turkey, but you get enough. At any other restaurant you would be paying at least 13 bucks for this club, but Danny’s almost slashes that in half! For $6.85, you can’t go wrong.

Next time you are down at the Forks go check it out. You won’t be disappointed!

Price: $6.85 for the deluxe

Rating: 7.5/10

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Subway is one of my favorite fast food joints around. The options are great, price is right, and the smell you carry for the rest of the day is priceless. Since we all know Subway, I am gonna jump right into their club.

To call Subway’s club a club, is very misleading. Sorry Subway, but three processed meats does not make a good clubhouse sandwich. Processed turkey, ham, and roast beef are what you get. Well I don’t even want roast beef or ham in my club. Luckily, Subway offers lots of veggies, sauces, and cheeses to make up for it.

But really, how hard is it for Subway to make a proper club? They already have the chicken and bacon, but they don’t use them in their club!? Maybe they should rename the Subway Club to Subway Processed Crap. Stick to your go-to sub and stay clear of the club.

Rating: 3/10

Price: $5.75 for a six inch.

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you have all been waiting for. After scouring the city, I am proud to finally present to you the best clubhouse sandwich in Winnipeg! This might take some of you by surprise, but the best club in the city is not found at any greasy little diner, or anywhere that claims they have the best club in the city. In fact, it can be found at a modest restaurant catering to students from all over Winnipeg. That’s right, Degrees at the University of Manitoba takes the top spot.

When I told my friend John that I was gonna take him to the first 10/10 clubhouse in the Peg’ he was immediately on board. So I ripped over to his place, and we made the trek down to the U of M. I spent many years studying Chinese language at the U of M, so I am familiar with the campus. John on the other hand was out of his element, and he almost had a run in with an overly large water fountain.

We eventually made our way up to Degrees, and without hesitation ordered a couple o’ club sandos. We grabbed a spot in the sun and patiently waited for our lunch. Degrees went through a facelift within the past few years, and it was for the best! Relaxing atmosphere combined with amazing food and laid back service make Degrees a hit. During the week, Degrees can get fairly busy with the school lunch rush. But it is the perfect place to go on a quiet Saturday afternoon.

“Wow this chicken is seasoned perfectly,” said John as he devoured his club + yam fries. I on the other handed, opted for the club on marble rye and caesar salad. Degrees offers brown, white, or marble rye bread, and all the fixings of a classic club. Cheese, lettuce, crispy bacon, tomato, basil mayo, and real chicken are slammed between three slices of bread.

There you have it folks, the best clubhouse in the city. And although Degrees may have in my opinion the best club in the city, fear not–I will never end this search for great clubhouse sandwiches. But let me tell ya, the Degrees club puts all others to shame.

Open 7 days a week, you can check Degrees out on Facebook HERE!

Price: $9.75 with your choice of side.

Rating: 10/10

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