This weeks club steps away from the little diners and into the monster of restaurants otherwise known as Moxie’s. Moxie’s gets bashed a lot since it falls into the ‘Earls’ or ‘Joey’ category of douchy restaurants, but in my opinion has some of the best food out of all the franchises. As much as people want to hate, these ultra sleek lounges all have decent food. Unfortunately, it is all extremely over priced.

The blackened chicken club from Moxie’s is actually unreal. It is one of my favorite clubs in the city, and it’s not your ordinary club sandwich. Served on a baguette, this club has it all, including a louisiana remoulade. Actually this club used to be called the Louisiana chicken sandwich, but got a name change when Moxie’s rebranded years back.

The downside to this club is that it is extremely greasy and might have you on the toilet shortly after. But I for one say its worth it. Also, if you are a more traditional club person, I might steer away from this one.

For $12.99 you get the sandwich and your choice of fries or salad.

Rating: 8/10

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Garwood Grill

After many months, Winnipeg Clubs is finally back to blogging about the best and worst clubs in the Peg’. My first club back on Canadian soil was inspired by my good friend John.  He decided it would be a good idea to grab a couple of clubs before we set out for a day of filming for a school project– a good idea it was!

John recommended a place I had never even heard of called Garwood Grill. He told me they had the sickest (in a good way) club around. Being the club guy that I am, I had to try it. So, we set out and 15 mins later had a table for two at the Garwood.

This place is the definition of a greasy spoon. According to Wikipedia a greasy spoon is “a small, especially cheap, often unsanitary, archetypal working-class restaurant or diner, that typically specialises in fried foods.” Looking back at our time at the Garwood Grill I would have to check all of those descriptors.

The Garwood is one of the few places that actually offers real turkey in their club. Actually, this club has a strong resemblance to the classic Wagon Wheel club,which was a clubhouse for the ages. Well, now that the Wagon Wheel is six feet deep, maybe the Garwood Grill will take its place as “the home of the clubhouse.” Unfortunately, probably not, since the Garwood’s club was only O.K.– not the best, but not the worst. It had a good ratio of veggies and meat, but common Garwood, where’s the cheese!?. Also, I think if the turkey was a little bit warmer I would of left a happier man.

For $6.50 you get just the sammy, and for $9.50 you get it with frites and slaw.

Garwood Grill is located on Pembina Hwy right by Sampson’s. Cheap and delicious food–why wouldn’t you go??

Rating: 7/10

Stay tuned, because John has given me a recommendation for my next club!

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Boske – Zhongli, Taiwan

Zhongli is a city in Taiwan known for its betel nut girls, shady KTV joints, and delinquency. Now Zhongli can add one more thing to the list, home of the worst clubhouse sandwich.

Almost every day I would walk five minutes down the road to a restaurant/bakery called Boske. If you want a coffee, scone, or just wana hang out surfin their free Wifi, Boske has you covered. Boske has live concerts and even Chinese lessons in the back of the store! More importantly, Boske employs Taiwanese people with disabilities. They give opportunities to people who may have a hard time seeking employment, and I think that is inspiring.

First I would like to say that Boske has great service and the baking is excellent, in fact, the tuna bagel is extremely cheap and delicious. Now, I hate to do it, but Boske has THE WORST club I have ever tried in my life. It is just completely awful. There is lettuce and fresh bread, but between that is just some pink slime. I had no idea if there was even any  chicken in this terrible club. The only thing going for the club, is that it comes with taco chips on the side, which are actually pretty damn hard to find in Taiwan!

I love what Boske is doing, so I hope maybe the next time I visit Zhongli they will have updated their club. If they haven’t I will just stick to the tuna bagel!

Rating: 1/10

Melange Cafe

Taipei is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. I can’t say enough about the culture, people, transportation, and landscape. There is a lot of opportunity for the Taiwanese people, mainly because opening a business takes very little compared to here in North America. From what I gathered, there is next to no paperwork, therefore shops and restaurants open and close on a daily basis.  So when about 20 people are lined up for a restaurant on a weekday afternoon, you know it’s something special.

After hearing that Melange Cafe is the place to go for waffles in Taipei, I added it to the to-do list. One day I decided to set out to find the cafe. Living outside of Taipei in the small town of Zhongli meant I would have to train for 40 minutes, metro for 20 minutes, then walk– just to get to the restaurant.  After exiting the metro at 中山 station, Melange Cafe is only a three minute walk down a back alley. Once I met my friend there we put down our name and decided to join the line of people and wait for a table. The host was insanely annoying, and almost made us leave by yelling in his microphone. We decided to tough it out, and after sweating buckets in the 35 degree heat he finally called our name.

After thinking we were about to be seated, they told us to write our order on a paper, then wait longer. After ten more minutes, they told us they were full, and that we were being moved to their location down the street. This was all bizarre, but after seeing a clubhouse on the menu, I was dedicated to staying. We walked down the street to the other location, and they told us they were also full, but that we could sit in the basement. Little did we know the basement was an ultra modern coffee shop. Since they already knew our order, it was a matter of minutes before my 总会三明治 (zong hui san ming zhi – clubhouse sandwich) came to the table.

Slammed with bacon, lettuce, chicken, cheese, bacon, and cucumber, it was finally the club I was looking for. Everything was just on point, and it even came with some Pringles. Priced at 140NT ($4.60CAD) it is impossible to go wrong, this would be at least $13.00 in Winnipeg.

For the first time on my trip, I found a club that was on par with back home–and it only took three months! Melange Cafe is a MUST if you are in Taipei. This chic, modern, and delicious restaurant is worth the wait. The only downside was that they force you to order a drink, even when all you want is a water! And I did make it back for the waffles, they were unbelievable.

Last but not least, besides the host, the service was great. I actually forgot my friends house keys on my chair and our server ran me down and gave them back–sorry Per and Tori, thanks for everything. 🙂

Stay tuned next week for the worst club I have ever had in my life!