Ellice Cafe & Theatre

Ellice Cafe & Theatre is a cool little restaurant located at Ellice and Sherbrook. I constantly drive by this place, and have always wanted to try it out- but never have! Well, I finally had time to stop and see what it is all about. Ellice cafe is apparently a non-profit restaurant and all the  profits go straight back into the community through economic development, so bonus points there.

Walking in the first thing I noticed was the diversity of people in the place. Sitting in the middle of an interesting neighbourhood you can expect some interesting characters. Ellice Cafe also offers live music and theatre if you find yourself there on the right night. Unfortunately for us there was live music… and some of the worst live music iv ever seen. Making jokes to a friend in the crowd and talking during your performance doesn’t do it for me, sorry man!

But lets get to the food. For $11.79 you can get the Ellice clubhouse platter, which comes with fries and a pickle. Well guess what, it was a good one! I feel like its been awhile since Iv had a club that i have been into, but Ellice Cafe made it happen. There was nothin fancy on it, just the usual real chicken, tomato, lettuce, mayo, bacon and cheddar cheese. All this was then slammed between three pieces of multi-grain bread. Pretty basic club, but Ellice Cafe did it right.

Check the pics, and give the place a shot. The menu has a huge variety and the desserts looked great. The lemon meringue pie had four inches of meringue, nice! Let’s just hope you don’t go on a night when the music was as bad as the night I went. But hey, at least I got a story to tell.

Price: $11.79 or $8.99 for just the sandwich

Rating: 8/10


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