Exchange Cafe

The Exchange Cafe is tucked away on Bannatyne Ave just down the street from Alive(the club). This cafe looks really cool as it has old brick walls, and sleek tables and chairs. It is a nice place to relax in a cozy atmosphere. Unfortunately, the prices are high and the staff seems snooty.

The Exchange Club comes with oven roasted chicken, capicollo, bacon jam, mayo, tomato, and spinach. But for $9.95 you should be getting way more than a tiny little grilled sandwich and a pickle. The sandwich was not even good, and my bill was over 12 dollars for JUST the sandwich!

Although its a cool place to hang out and relax, the club did not stack up to the competition. Grab a coffee, or a gelato instead of the sammy. Also it is only open till 4:00pm M-F– Not on weekends!

Hey, on the bright side, a Boon Burger is opening next door!


Sophie’s Restaurant

While lurking around Falcon Lake interviewing anyone we could find, a lady mentions Sophie’s Restaurant to us. She claims their food is great, and since it was on the way back to the peg, we figured we could check it out. Lucky for me, they had a club!

So we turn down an empty road, and pull into the deserted parking lot. The place looks good, but we were not entirely sure if it was open. We try the door, and It’s open so we grab spot and peep the menu. And there it was, staring me right in the face, the Dagwood Clubhouse.

The Dagwood Clubhouse is a triple decker with processed ham, bacon, chicken, tomato, lettuce, mayo and cheese. The weird thing with this club is that it comes with an extra half. I am not quite sure the reasoning behind this, but I had one full sandwich plus an extra half. What the hell!? Also the ham was layered so thick I had to take most of it out. Anyways, it was way too much food, and the club was just….. whatever. Nothin special, but at least this place was open, since no other restaurant around Falcon Lake was.

So the club wasn’t that great, and my meal came to 16 bucks before tip. That’s some serious coin for a whatever club, especially since it comes with Mcain curly fries.

If you are ever] coming home from Falcon Lake on a weekday, you can get some food at Sophie’s Restaurant, since its the only place that will be open. Enjoy.

Price: $7.99 club only.

Rating: 5/10