The Oakwood Cafe

The Oakwood Cafe is a nice little restaurant located in a strip mall in South Osborne. Its nothing too fancy, but a delightful place to go for breakfast, lunch, or supper. The cozy atmosphere and an extensive menu should be enough to lure you in.

The Oakwood offers two different clubs, one on plain bread with cheddar, and one with pumpernickel bread and Swiss cheese. I decided to try the the pumpernickel club, and lemme tell ya- its a good sammy. Tomato, ham, roasted turkey, lettuce, and mayo are stacked between three pieces of bread. The sandwiches all come with a side of either, fries, potato salad, soup, or chili.

Try out the Oakwood; good food, good atmosphere, good service. sounds good to me.

Price: $12.99

Rating: 7/10 – 4-660 Osborne Street – (204) 475-4250 – Hours – Sunday Tuesday: 8am-8pm – Wednesday-Saturday: 8am-9pm

The Oakwood Cafe on Urbanspoon


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