The Park Cafe

I was excited to try the new Park Cafe located beside the newly designed duck pond in Assiniboine Park, so the other day I decided to hit it up. The building looks amazing, it has a great design, with huge windows that look out into the park. The building can be rented out for private functions, and would be a perfect location for a wedding.

Unfortunately, the BBQ chicken club wrap on the other hand, was brutal. Maybe it was because the main chef (who I over heard came from The Gates?) was not in. But for 10.99 you think they could make a nice club, not one that the bacon was missing and replaced by green peppers. Nothin special hear folks, I don’t even know what more to say– just a plain ol’ wrap. At least the poutine was good.

This shouldnt discourage you from trying out The Park Cafe because it is a lovely place to go and eat. The burgers looked phenomenal and everyone else at my table was very pleased with their meal. Another cool thing about the cafe is that they offer a picnic to go meal, for 22 bucks you can get a full chicken, fries, rolls, and slaw. Good idea, but isn’t a picnic all about fruits and sandwiches?

The Park Cafe while doesn’t have much for clubbers, is still a great place to hang and grab a bite. The beautiful building should be enough to pull you in and have a meal or a coffee.

Price: $10.99

Rating: 2/10

The Park Cafe – (204) 927-6001

The Park Cafe at Assiniboine Park on Urbanspoon


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