White Star Diner

The White Star Diner, on Albert Street, is always packed for lunch. with four or five stools inside, and a table outside, its more of a take out spot. Nothing fancy here, but the dude behind the counter has always been happy slangin sammys when iv come in!

The White Star Diner and the Wagon Wheel are two clubs that people always talk about having the best club around (personally neither top the charts for me). These two are actually fairly similar too, very traditional. Not gonna see any avocado or special sauces in these two.

With real turkey, tomato, lettuce, mayo,  and bacon, the White Star Diner makes a big sandwich that will fill you up. My main ‘beef’ with the club, was that it was very dry. 3 pieces of crisp bread, and little mayo, made it kinda hard to swallow. At least all the produce was fresh, and there was lots of turkey.

If you are in the Exchange and need a quick bite to eat, check it out. But if you order the poutine make sure to get a half order, its cheaper and still soooo much!

open m-saturday

Price: $7.25

Rating: 6

White Star Diner – 58 Albert St – 947.6930 – whitestardiner.ca

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