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My mom made me a club the other day. It was delicious. I was very surprised.


Yellow Dog Tavern

The Yellow Dog Tavern is a little pub like restaurant on Donald Street, just behind the Burton Cummings Theater. It’s close to the Red River College, so students often run there for lunch. Watch out if you hit the lunch rush though, because they can get backed up in there.

The California club introduces something I don’t think i have covered in a review–avocado. It adds a little something different that I enjoyed. But for some reason the sandwich in a whole was just OK. It comes with chicken, lettuce, tomato, capicollo, and your choice of bread, or wrap.

The place is kinda cool, and they have Tvs to watch, but I have never been blown away by the food there.

The Yellow Dog is open from 11 a.m. – midnightish M-W. 11 a.m. – 2 a.m. Thurs-Sat

Price: $10.50

Rating: 5.5

Yellow Dog Tavern – 386 Donald Street – – 1-204-775-6676

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Rae and Jerry’s

There’s an old saying, ‘ bigger is better ‘ well today, I can officially say that is bull. I have by far found the most outrageous and ridiculous club in Winnipeg. Stepping into Rae and Jerry’s is like stepping into a time zone from the day it opened in 1957. The only thing that has changed, is the cars parked outside. This restaurant is sooo old.

I at least give Rae and Jerry’s credit by having the biggest club I have and will probably ever see in my life. Usually you can smash down a sandwich to make it fit in your mouth, but this one is like a brick of meat. There is no way any person can fit it in their mouth. I had to eventually rip out half of the insides to eat it. If you take out half the meat inside this sandwich and take it home, you will have enough meat to make sandwiches for a month!

Tomato, chicken, ham, lettuce, pickles, and mayo are slammed between 3 pieces of bread. You can choose the type of bread you want from whole wheat, white, or rye. It says there is bacon on the menu, but i didn’t see any in the club!! Also none of the meat is real, its all cold/sandwich meats.

Anyways, this club is out there. It’s defiantly something special to Winnipeg. But it is too large to even enjoy. enjoy.

Price: $13.25

Rating: 2/10

Rae and Jerry’s – 1405 Portage Avenue  Winnipeg, MB R3G 0W1 – (204) 783-6155

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White Star Diner

The White Star Diner, on Albert Street, is always packed for lunch. with four or five stools inside, and a table outside, its more of a take out spot. Nothing fancy here, but the dude behind the counter has always been happy slangin sammys when iv come in!

The White Star Diner and the Wagon Wheel are two clubs that people always talk about having the best club around (personally neither top the charts for me). These two are actually fairly similar too, very traditional. Not gonna see any avocado or special sauces in these two.

With real turkey, tomato, lettuce, mayo,  and bacon, the White Star Diner makes a big sandwich that will fill you up. My main ‘beef’ with the club, was that it was very dry. 3 pieces of crisp bread, and little mayo, made it kinda hard to swallow. At least all the produce was fresh, and there was lots of turkey.

If you are in the Exchange and need a quick bite to eat, check it out. But if you order the poutine make sure to get a half order, its cheaper and still soooo much!

open m-saturday

Price: $7.25

Rating: 6

White Star Diner – 58 Albert St – 947.6930 –

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