Nick’s Inn

I had to go on a road trip to find this weeks club. After a 10 minute drive, I ended up at Nick’s Inn. If you follow the number 1 highway west, you will come to Nick’s Inn. A small and greasy diner in Headingley just outside of the city.

I have been going to Nick’s my whole life. Every Sunday my family took my grandpa there. We would be seated, and greeted– by the owners. Every time I would order the hamburger deluxe; so i thought it was time to go back and test out the club.

After reluctantly ordering the club over the burg, I enjoyed the nostalgia of coming to Nick’s. The Triple Decker Clubhouse came out and it looked good. Bacon, 3 tomatoes, lettuce, roaster turkey, and mayo all crammed inside 3 pieces of white bread. This is your standard traditional club. No frills, or different kinds of bread, but its just classic. Not sure if I enjoy the 4 squares vs a half cut sandwich; it could just make everything fall out that much easier.

Although the club was good, my number 1 is always the hamburger deluxe. I cant go to Nick’s and not order it! Sorry clubhouse sandwich, but you take a backseat anytime i venture out to Nick’s Inn.

Price: $10.95

Rating: 7/10

Nick’s Inn – (204) 889-4548 – 5400 Portage St – Headingley

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2 thoughts on “Nick’s Inn

  1. johanna and i used to hit this all the time. the club was my hamburger deluxe, t. maybe i’ll go back and get the burg deluxe next time. sandy cut in 4 is so kid stee, so i liked it. but now? not so much.

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