Bar Italia

Bar I is always a hot spot with its prime location and patio. At the corner of Cockburn Street and Corydon, the Bar I patio is more often than not full–day or night. During the day it is a good place to grab a bite or a latte, and by night the scene goes there to party. Often students simply go to Bar I to enjoy a coffee, study, play pinball, fuse-ball, pool and/or use the free wifi (password: baritalia).

This brings us to Bar I’s take on the club sandwich the Club Sub. Inside the sandwich there is capicolla, bacon, smoked turkey, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and garlic aioli sauce. All this is then smashed into a bun. Straying away from the traditional club, this sandwich puts a nice twist on an old classic by adding the capicolla and aioli.  It just tastes good, plain and simple. Not to mention you can get it with the notorious cheddar jalapeno fries! This club is my Bar I go-to, every time i am there– i am ordering it.

For $7.75 you can get the sandwich, and for $3.50 extra you get fries or salad. Good location, good patio, good food, good music, and so-so service make Bar I the ‘place to be’.

Price: $7.75+tax

Rating: 7.5

Bar Italia – 737 Corydon Avenue – (204) 452-1929

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