Stella’s Cafe and Bakery

Stella’s Cafe is notorious for their delicious food and quaint locations. Scattered through out Winnipeg, Stella’s is one of my favorite restaurants. They are currently 6 locations (including the bakery and Edna Fedya at the U of M), with a 7th coming soon at the airport. Stella’s has been around since 1999, and my favorite location is on Sherbrook. There is a great atmosphere in that location, and good music.

Stella’s has a reputation for great food, and their club is no exception. For $9.95 you get the sandwich and your choice of soup or salad. The club seems basic with lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, oven roasted chicken, cheddar cheese, and mayo– but it is special. The produce is always hella fresh, and the bread is great. Baked in-house the bread is always fresh! The Stella’s on Sherbrook has a bakery beside it, where you can get many different kinds of breads, pastries, cookies, etc. Light on the mayo this club has a real healthy vibe.

The Stella’s club is great, and if you don’t like clubs, go try something else because everything is delicious. It is my favorite breakfast spot in town. Healthy, affordable, delicious, and enjoyable atmosphere (Sherkbrook = best) are only a few things you can expect when you go to Stella’s!

Price: $9.95 + tax

Rating: 8/10

Stella’s Sherbrook – 116 Sherbrook Street – 204 477 5556

Stella’s Osborne – 166 Osborne Street – 204 453 8562
Stella’s Grant – 1895 Grant Avenue – 204 488 7810
Stella’s at Plug In – 460 Portage Avenue – 204 772 1556

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Bar Italia

Bar I is always a hot spot with its prime location and patio. At the corner of Cockburn Street and Corydon, the Bar I patio is more often than not full–day or night. During the day it is a good place to grab a bite or a latte, and by night the scene goes there to party. Often students simply go to Bar I to enjoy a coffee, study, play pinball, fuse-ball, pool and/or use the free wifi (password: baritalia).

This brings us to Bar I’s take on the club sandwich the Club Sub. Inside the sandwich there is capicolla, bacon, smoked turkey, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and garlic aioli sauce. All this is then smashed into a bun. Straying away from the traditional club, this sandwich puts a nice twist on an old classic by adding the capicolla and aioli.  It just tastes good, plain and simple. Not to mention you can get it with the notorious cheddar jalapeno fries! This club is my Bar I go-to, every time i am there– i am ordering it.

For $7.75 you can get the sandwich, and for $3.50 extra you get fries or salad. Good location, good patio, good food, good music, and so-so service make Bar I the ‘place to be’.

Price: $7.75+tax

Rating: 7.5

Bar Italia – 737 Corydon Avenue – (204) 452-1929

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Winnipeg Free Press Café

The Winnipeg Free Press Café, is a new hot spot in the exchange district. Friends of mine have been hyping this cafe like you wouldn’t believe, so i figured it was time to give it a go. The restaurant is modern and inside there are multiple monitors and even people working– What they are doing in there, I haven’t quite figured out yet. But the venue looks great, good patio, and big windows all the way around. I have always really enjoyed this location; right on corner of Arthur and McDermot, it is a perfect place to people watch while enjoying a drink.

This brings us to “The Manitoban Club”. One is safe to assume by the name that all the products found within the club have been made or grown in Manitoba! The bacon is even from Winkler. Interesting idea, but does it live up to the hype? This club is very basic, I am sure many people enjoy this club, but there is just nothing special here except the Manitoba produce. The club has 3 pieces of bread, Bothwell aged cheddar cheese, Winkler bacon, real chicken, tomatoes, and a small amount of mayo. I feel I could make something similar at my house, but at least everything was fresh. It comes with a side of either potatoes, or mixed greens. I got the spiced potatoes, which came out cold; and im still not sure if they were meant to be or not.

The restaurant is run by ordering at the counter then taking a seat, and although the venue is great, the club just did not live up to the hype. It is a simple club, with fresh produce, but Im looking for that extra something special in my hunt for the best club. Not to mention the club and side is $9.50, which seems expensive for what it is. I am sure many people will enjoy this club, so I hope i have not discouraged anyone from trying it.

Price: $9.50

Rating: 4.5/10

Winnipeg Free Press Café – 237 McDermot Ave. – 204.943.0682 –

Kay’s Deli

Well here we go, my first post! This little diner is a local hot spot for Red River students since it is directly beside the Princess Campus. I had never heard of it until a 2nd year Cre Comm student insisted we go on the second day of class. What looks like a skeptical building from the outside, inside is actually quite charming. With the kitchen and eating area one in the same you can see the food made, and see when yours is ready. How it works is– check the menu, order at the front, then grab a seat and wait. There was very faint music playing, so bring good company for chatting.

Kay’s Club was a delight. You have the option of 3 types of bread: sour dough, marble, or multi grain. I chose the multi grain, although a club with sour dough sounded quite interesting. The sandwich is filled with real roasted chicken, bacon, red onions, tomatoes, garlic lemon mayonnaise, honey dijon mustard, cheddar, and provolone cheese; then grilled in a panini press. Although it sounds like a lot for one club, the sandwich is not that large (physically) since they cut out the 3rd (sometimes unnecessary) middle piece of bread.

All and all, Kay’s Club was a good sandwich with fresh bread, fresh produce, and real roasted chicken. It didn’t scream out ‘ the ultimate club sandwich ‘, but defiantly worth a try. The venue is nice, and location is great for Red River students, since it is literally next door giving you enough time to rip there and back on an hour long lunch break. The restaurant even offers free wifi, but i guess ask them for the password, since i never saw it anywhere.

Price: $7.35 +tax

Club Rating: 6.5/10

Kay’s Deli. 339 William Avenue. Ph: 949-0424.

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